Case Study: Result Real Estate Incorporated has assisted its clients in acquiring properties in outstate Minnesota and outside of Minnesota.

Results Real Estate Incorporated is located in Minneapolis and while most of its transactions tend to be near the Minneapolis Metro Area, RREI does assist clients in property transactions in locations far outside of the Minneapolis area. Here are a couple of examples: Fergus Falls, Minnesota Fergus Falls, Minnesota is a small town of around.. read more →

09 Dec 2022

Case Study: Market expertise and tenacity gets proven results.

There are many reasons why a property does not sell in a timely manner.  Reasons could include the condition of property, location, local economic conditions, and others.  The Commercial Realtor who represents the property can also be a large reason that a property is not selling. Results Real Estate Incorporated (RREI) methodically and tenaciously represents.. read more →

09 Dec 2022

Case Study on Lease Negotiation

If you are about to renew a lease or need to renegotiate your current lease then you want to have Results Real Estate Incorporated as your partner in negotiations. read more →

13 Mar 2019