The search for new space or a corporate site is a complex and time consuming
process demanding professional expertise and analysis. RESULTS REAL ESTATE
’s position in the Twin Cities real estate marketplace is the result of
our comprehensive, thorough and creative approach to the needs of its clients in
developing this process.

Results Real Estate Incorporated specializes in representing tenants, users and investors
in the office, industrial and retail market. We act exclusively on behalf of our clients in
analyzing their specific needs; identifying opportunities in the marketplace; negotiating
the best possible lease or purchase agreement; and coordinating the construction/
remodeling and move-in process to ensure a smooth transition to new facilities.

Results Real Estate Incorporated lends its considerable objectivity and extensive market
knowledge to the evaluation and search process, and we devote our full effort and
resources to the project. Our representation services provide for a smooth flow of information
designed toward achieving the best and desired results for our clients in the most
efficient and thorough manner possible.


  1. OBJECTIVITY. Results Real Estate Incorporated acts exclusively on behalf of its client,
    with no bias in its collection or presentation of information relevant to the location and
    selection process. We are able to weed out sales “hype” from useful information, and present a
    factual comparison of all viable alternatives.
  2. SYSTEMATIC APPROACH. Through years of representation experience, Results Real
    Estate Incorporated has developed a thorough and organized approach to the process of
    identifying and satisfying client requirements. Our representation employs a step-by-step
    outline of the process, and provides a schedule for accomplishing identified goals coupled with
    a timetable for feedback and reporting sessions on specific dates throughout the project.
  3. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. Results Real Estate Incorporated maintains a wealth of
    information regarding all available properties, including those proposed or under construction.
    Our market knowledge provides the client with the widest range of alternatives. Also, our
    attention to critical details of each project such as type of construction, building services,
    location, nearby amenities, and other factors assist the client in fine tuning its requirements.
  4. KNOWLEDGE OF BUILDING OWNERS. A key factor often overlooked in the search
    for space or a corporate site is the building owner’s reputation. Results Real Estate Incorporated
    can provide an objective opinion regarding each owner’s financial strength, reputation,
    treatment of existing tenants, position in the market, and quality of management. We understand
    their method of operation from their point of view and advise our clients accordingly.
    Incorporated strives to keep itself well-informed regarding the plans of city, county, and state
    government as they relate to zoning, traffic patterns, and other criteria important to location
    selection. Additionally, our knowledge of developer and user plans provides useful information
    regarding how and when specific areas of town will develop, as well as probable location
    of key customers and vendors within those areas. Lastly, in the past we were a database
    consultant to the Minneapolis Real Estate Journal providing information that other real estate
    companies purchase for their use.
  6. NEGOTIATING SKILLS. Our history provides us with an incomparable base of
    expertise which is brought to bear in negotiating the financial and legal points of the final
    lease or purchase agreement. Further, our ongoing experience in the Twin Cities marketplace,
    our national contacts, and database system provides us with the most current knowledge of
    the true prices and/or incentives in the marketplace today. We use this information aggressively
    in obtaining the best deal possible for our clients.
  7. NO EXPENSE TO THE CLIENT. The Twin Cities real estate market is characterized
    by heavy broker participation. Virtually all building owners readily cooperate with brokers,
    and all fees associated with the leasing and sale of property are incurred by the owners of the
    properties. All “In House” services outlined previously in this booklet are provided, in most
    instances, at no cost to our clients.
  8. MINIMAL INCONVENIENCE TO THE CLIENT. Results Real Estate Incorporated
    assumes the role of the client in gathering and extracting pertinent information. All contact
    with outside brokers and building owners is handled by the representative, thus minimizing
    the time-consuming involvement of key client personnel in fielding calls, coordinating
    meetings, touring properties and so forth. Our representation service provides for an
    organized schedule of meetings with reports at the conclusion of each step of the process to
    keep decision makers apprised of relevant information in summary form, with in-depth
    support data as needed.
  9. SERVICE ORIENTATION. Our aim is to provide the client with the most in-depth and
    comprehensive service and analysis in the business. In addition to being aggressive dealmakers,
    we pride ourselves on providing full consultative services. Our objective is to
    become an extension of your firm, providing you with the expertise, analysis and alternatives
    you need to make the best commercial real estate decision.
  10. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. Our knowledge and relationship with several
    highly respected construction companies enables Results Real Estate Incorporated to get
    remodeling or construction projects completed ahead of schedule or on time at the lowest
    possible cost to the transaction.