Differential Advantage for Buying or Selling Commercial Property

The RREI Differential Advantage is produced by the utilization of its unique tailor-made program, its philosophy and capabilities. The specifics are as follows:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach – RREI assembles the proper team of professionals to thoroughly establish and implement the best program to meet Client’s goals.
  • We utilize architects, engineers, accountants, legal counsel, building managers, city planners, government agencies, researchers and the CIMLS to ensure that we analyze and project carefully and completely.
  • Tailor-Made Programming – RREI reviews the information gathered (above) to create the RIGHT program for CLIENT. This program ensures the best use for your properties. It uncovers all potential difficulties or “red flags” and addresses them up front to eliminate loss of time or money throughout the entire program.
  • Depth of Experience – RREI utilizes the combined experience of all its team members to provide CLIENT with the most up-to-date and creative services available. This combined expertise finds the best solutions, maximizes results, negotiates the most profitable economic terms achievable, and assures maximum value.
  • Philosophy – As discussed earlier, RREI focuses on quality of services, thoroughness and efficiency to maximize results and achieve what is best for our clients in the given time frame specific to each project. Documents are detail-oriented and “iron-clad” to prevent future difficulties or problems that could possibly prove costly.
  • Absence of Conflicts – RREI eliminates conflict of interests as it carefully chooses its projects and clients. Conflicts of interests, as is well known, compromise fiduciary responsibility. RREI will unequivocally refuse any potential assignment that could potentially compromise its fiduciary responsibility to a current client.
  • Market and Geographic Coverage – RREI resources include in-depth market surveys dating back thirty years, and the most up-to-date information on any specific sub-market or geographic area, including the OCR Internet.

More information on how our differential advantage will provide the maximum value for selling your commercial property.

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