09 Dec 2022

Case Study: Market expertise and tenacity gets proven results.

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There are many reasons why a property does not sell in a timely manner.  Reasons could include the condition of property, location, local economic conditions, and others.  The Commercial Realtor who represents the property can also be a large reason that a property is not selling.

Results Real Estate Incorporated (RREI) methodically and tenaciously represents a property by exploring every resource possible to find the right prospects.  RREI will make hundreds of phone calls to potential buyers and send hundreds of emails and flyers.   This is in addition to utilizing RREI’s vast personal and business connections to find potential buyers.  This persistence and thoroughness achieves results that many other commercial brokers do not get.  The following case study demonstrates what can happen when RREI gets involved.

Carol Lugg was trying to sell 2 commercial properties in St. Paul Minnesota.  She had them on the market for over 3 years with another commercial real estate company prior to using RREI.  She decided to contract with RREI in September 2020 to sell both properties,

The Properties:

The first commercial property was located on Randolph Street in St. Paul and used for office space, light industrial manufacturing, and storage.  The building had 9 tenants at the time.   The 22,000 SF building was on a 4.7-acre lot and was listed for $2,600,000.

The second commercial property was located on Armstrong Road in St. Paul and was also used for office space, light Industrial manufacturing, and storage.   The 39,500 SF building which had multiple tenants was situated on a 1.09-acre lot.  The listed sale price was $1,400,000.

Both properties sold within 10 months after RREI got involved.  In fact, the closing date on both properties was within 24 hours of each other.  In addition to the speed of the sale, the client was delighted with the sale prices, was very impressed with the knowledge and market expertise that RREI brought to the process as well as the thoroughness of the documentation.

The following is Carol Lugg’s testimonial.

“Myself and my siblings had 2 commercial properties to sell in St. Paul. We had started this process over 4 years ago. We hired Arnie Seltzer as our Commercial Real Estate Agent in late September 2020. He performed a small miracle and got the job done in less than a year! Arnie is a mover and a shaker. We are very pleased with the price achieved and the fact that both properties closed within 24 hours of each other. Arnie demonstrated great diligence by making sure all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed in all documents. We appreciate his tenacity, high energy and willingness to look out for our best interests.”

Many of RREI’s clients are impressed by the tenacity of RREI when it comes to finding and contacting potential clients as well as the knowledge and market expertise that RREI brings to the transaction.