09 Jan 2023

The Freedom Caucus shit show continues to crap on us

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John McCarthy was finally elected as Speaker of the house on Saturday, January 6th, This was after an embarrassing display of cowardice, by making one deal after another to try to appease the nutcases with the Freedom caucus.  The Freedom caucus is the same group that held the country hostage 2 years on January 6th. This group of people do not deserve the power theat they are tryihg to wield.  This group betrayed America, they betake their oath, all in the name of following a narciistic psychopath named Donald Trump

Some of theses representatives will end up being jailed because that is what happens to all people who are associated with Donald Trmp, who continues to to do blatant criminal stuff in front of the entire eworl

This is will be the shit show that doesn’t stop crapping on the constitution.  My question is are there any “sane” people left in MAGA who will start to see the disaster they created by electing Donald Trump and creating a movement that is destroying America.