16 Dec 2019

RREI Acquires Office Building on Behalf of Client

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Results Real Estate Incorporated (RREI) found an ideal office location for a Minneapolis Business and negotiated the price and terms of purchase on their behalf.   The location is in an upscale section of Minneapolis and absolutely ideal for the clients business needs.

The business that RREI represented was a previous client.   The client thought so highly of Results Real Estate that they contacted them after working with them nearly 20 years ago.

After working with the client to understand its business needs and objectives, Arnie Seltzer (President of RREI) and Anna (V. P. of RREI) went to work, gathering potential properties from a myriad of data bases that were available.  After several weeks of research, a property was found that met all parameters established while using RREI’s unique Corporate Property Acquisition Process.

As part of the acquisition process, a fair and competitive price was determined based on a thorough market analysis. This price used as a benchmark when negotiating with the seller.  After several rounds of negotiations, a price was agreed on that was nearly $35,000 less than the asking price.

Once the transaction was completed, RREI continued to support its client by providing names of reliable and competitive resources needed for remodeling and relocation.   In addition, Arnie has followed up with his client on several occasions to ensure that the client was fully satisfied.

Results Real Estate Incorporated encompasses over 50 years of commercial real estate experience.  It strives to provide results-oriented and personalized services for their clients while raising their expectations, then exceeding them.  RREI’s Contact Information.