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Minneapolis Commercial Office Space for Sale or Lease

Leasing or purchasing  office space?.

Results Real Estate offers a unique differential advantage to corporations who wish to lease or purchase office space. We custom develop each program to maximize your goals and objectives. With Results Real Estate Inc, you can be assured that all requirements are understood and met. With Results Real Estate you will get maximum results:

  • Maximize your transaction value
  • Maximize your goals and objectives
  • Maximize your benefits

We have been engaged in commercial real estate since 1984, specializing in leasing of office properties in downtown Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Read our article on Finding the Right Office Space in Minneapolis or this article on Disaster Recovery Planning for Your Office.

We work diligently for our clients and will assure that any transaction is in your best interest even if it means walking away. Our thoroughness and comprehensive approach is second to none.

Results Real Estate’s differential advantage is created by utilization of its unique tailor made program, its philosophy and capabilities.

To consult with one of our office space specialists please call us at 763-478-6400 or Contact Us.

Our transaction system is a comprehensive process where we start by identifying your office space needs and end with final negotiations and follow up. Please review our Office space acquisition and transaction system.

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